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nicole, 21, texas. photoshop and rp help.

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what i do

• shoutots
• gif hunts *
• face claim packs *
• photoshop tutorials *
• regular tutorials *
• gradients
• psds
• pngs
• writing help
• writing guides *
• smut help
• theme makeovers
• graphics
• opinions *
• face claim help
• character and plot help
• master lists *
• manips *
• icons

guys i finished it

the smallest details of this rp are taking forever blahhh

does anyone notice how talk blogs usually hate each other  lOOLLLL

new rph talk blogs

new talk blogs

talk blogs

Anonymous stopped by: Your college majors list is missing technological majors and a lot of sciences.

im sry i could not list every major known to man kind for u



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              ↳Download: cl


Character .psd number five by cocoofrps . This does not include a gradient just to make it look more raw and gorgeous in its own way. Holland Roden is queen and I hope you enjoy this. Please like/reblog if you do. Any questions, hit me up. And please don’t redistribute and/or steal. The fonts are Arial and Century Schoolbook, which are not needed to download. Download.

i wanna make a tumblr fansite dedicted to either zac efron or paul wesley or maybe a show idk

i rly love my rp and im really glad i have such dedicated members.

anyone up for making a theme for my rp

yes no maybe so?